Mrs India Telangana

Mrs. india Telangana is a part of the Mrs. India Pageant. Any person aspiring to participate in Mrs. India pageant from the state of Telangana should register herself under Mrs. India Telangana. Mrs. India Telangana subscribes to the same spirit, rules and regulations of Mrs. India. Mrs. India Telangana is being organized by Mrs. Mamta Trivedi under authorization by Mrs. India.

Mrs India is organized by Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd. Instituted by Mrs.Deepali Phadnis, Mrs India is India's Largest National Platform to showcase Beauty, Glamour, Talent and Culture of Indian Married Woman. Mrs India believes that Married Woman is the biggest natural resource of any Country. She is backbone of family and society. It is very important to recognize and appreciate her contribution to family and social values as this will not only encourage her but will inspire many more.

Mrs India Telangana does not look for Models but for Role Models.

  • Any Indian Married Woman, including Divorcee and widow, can apply for Mrs India Telangana.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of height, weight, skin color or any other physical attributes.
  • Mrs. India celebrates Beauty in Diversity, breaking stereotypes about beauty and about married Indian women.
  • Mrs. India believes that every woman is eternally beautiful. Beauty is timeless and Age is just a number.
  • Age is just a number. Married women up to 40 years of age come under the "Mrs" category, ladies aged 40 to 60 come under the "Classic" category and those above 60 years of age come under the "Super-Classic" category.

About Mrs. Deepali Phadnis

Mrs. Deepali Phadnis, Engineer, IT Professional, social worker, trained Odissi Dancer and Mrs. Asia International 2012, is the National Director of Mrs. India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd, India's only National pageant for married women and gateway to World’s premium beauty pageants. India’s first International title holder for married women and Winner of Asian Women of Excellence award for her revolutionary concepts on beauty pageants for married women, Deepali has a "never say die attitude". Having realized her childhood dream of walking the ramp as a queen in spite of several challenges, including financial constraints and health issues, Deepali continued her journey from being a Queen to making queens by pioneering the concept of beauty pageants for married Indian women.Deepali has been relentlessly working on creating awareness about Diabetes for the last several years and has been blue-ringed by President of International Diabetes Federation for her work.

About Mrs. Mamta Trivedi

"Mrs. Incredible", Mrs. India 2017 winner, Mrs. Asia International world 2017 winner, “Pride of Telangana” awardee, Founder-President of the NGO, SEWA, Mrs. Mamta Trivedi is also the Regional Director of Mrs. India Telangana and Mrs India Andhra Pradesh. Winner of the TAA Virtuoso Best Beauty Pageant organizer award, Mamta Trivedi is also the Goodwill Ambassador for The Akshaya Patra Foundation (TAPF). She contributes actively to several social causes.


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