2018 Events

Grand finale of Mrs. India Telangana 2018

Mrs. India Telangana, a part of the Mrs. India pageant, held its Grand finale on Sunday, 22 nd  April 2018, at The Park, Hyderabad. The event was organized by Mrs. Mamta Trivedi, Regional Director of Mrs. India Telangana, who is also the reigning Mrs. India 2017 and reigning Mrs. Asia International World 2017.
Mrs. India Telangana is a unique initiative aimed at promoting the culture of Telangana through women empowerment by breaking stereotypes about beauty. It encourages married women of our state to express themselves and discard the notions of fair, slim, tall and young women only being considered beautiful. The pageant aims to identify “beautiful souls” and create role-models for the society. Women who win this pageant alone can represent Telangana state at the national level in the “Mrs.India” pageant.
37 finalists used their innovation and creativity to depict the glory of Telangana, its Art and Craft, Architecture, festivals and the inherent diversity, ranging from the royals of the Nizam era to the tribals and lambadas. Women aged from 23 years to 65 years used this unique platform to express themselves, showcase their talent and realize their potential.
Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Mamta Trivedi said that she is feeling very happy and proud that Mrs. India Telangana has been able to create strong positive impressions among the married women of Telangana within a short span of 90 days since its launch. It was a challenge to short-list 36 finalists from the large number of applicants consisting of Doctors, CEOs, a Car Racer, IT professionals, HR professionals, Interior Designers, Working women, artists and housewives, including 2 very youthful senior citizens, who walked the ramp today. Many of them have multiple talents. All this is in addition to taking care of their families. It definitely proves that there is no shortage of talent and capability in Telangana state.
Mrs. Trivedi thanked the Departments of Telangana Tourism and the Information and Public Relations department of Government of Telangana for encouraging the unique concept that is a huge step towards woman empowerment. It was an emotional moment for Mrs. Mamta Trivedi, who lost her mother to cancer less than 10 days before the Grand finale, but was strong enough to continue the event.
Padmashri awardee and Dr. B. C. Roy National awardee Dr. P. Raghu Ram and Mrs. Shilpa Reddy, Mrs. India 2004 were the Guests of Honour. Mrs. Deepali Phadnis, National Director, Mrs. India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd, was also present during the occasion. Mrs. Shilpa Reddy, who has been supporting Mrs. Mamta Trivedi throughout her journey said that the entire event is being professionally organized and Mrs. Trivedi deserves full credit for the same.
The entire event was a grand affair, with the right blend of tradition and culture with modernity. Guests were welcomed to the event through a thoughtfully created “Bangaru Telangana” set up, which highlighted Telangana Architecture through the Kakatiya Kala Thoranam, showcased the 4 state symbols – Jinka, Pala Pitta, Jammi Chettu and the Tangedu flowers. Guests were interviewed by the anchors on their way into the show and were served Traditional Telangana snacks such as Sarva Pindi, Sakinalu, Arshulu, Garijelu and the healthy ragi malt drink Ambaali. The art and craft of Telangana such as Nirmal toys, Cheriyal Paintings, Bidri Work, etc were on display and so were the ubiquitous Bonam and Bathukamma. The attractions of Telangana were presented innovatively in the form of a Telangana Wheel of State symbols.
The event began with Ms. Satwika Penna and her team performing an Ode to Telangana Talli in a unique fusion form of dance. This was followed up with the formal inaugural, with the dignitaries lighting the lamp and delivering key messages. The event was then taken over by the beautiful contestants through the traditional round, which was a revelation. Not only did the ladies depict Telangana traditions and culture, they also pressed home some key messages on women empowerment, protecting and educating the girl child, promoting handlooms and supporting weavers, etc.
The next round, titled evening gown round, left the audience dazzled with each of the ladies walking the ramp in non-traditional attire, proving once more to the world that the Telangana woman is modern in her approach and embraces positive change. She is free to decide what she wants to wear and more importantly, she looks beautiful in western attires such as gowns.
It was then time for the Q&A round, for which only a few of the ladies could progress. The ladies were asked a single question and given 3 minutes time to frame and then read their answer. The question asked was asked in 3 languages and the contestants could choose to answer in any language. The question evoked some very thoughtful responses from the contestants.
Based on the answers provided and their overall performance, right from the time they applied, a total of 10 women were crowned across the 3 categories of Super- classic (Aged 60 years and above), Classic (aged 40 to 60 years) and the Mrs. (18 to 40 years of age) categories. The list of runners up and the winners across the 3 categories is presented below:
The event was attended by quite a few dignitaries from the Bureaucracy, media and the Corporate World, apart from a large group of families cheering for their respective member. The organizers took the opportunity to thank their associate partners for all the support extended. Many associate partners walked the ramp on the occasion. Many invitees felt that the event was very professionally organized and everything was of the highest standards.
Category Prize Winner
Super Category First Runner-up Mrs. Annapurna Adavi
Winner Mrs. Renuka Pulizala
Classic 3rd Runner Up Mrs. Shobha Kedia
2nd Runner Up Mrs. Nidhi Bhuraria
1st Runner Up Mrs. Pratibha Pulizala
Winner Mrs. Shilpi Saini Devda
Mrs. 3rd Runner Up Dr. (Mrs). Rebecca
2nd Runner Up Dr. (Mrs). Aishwarya Nair
1st Runner Up Mrs. Deepa Saxena
Winner Mrs. Parvathi Madireddy