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The Award Winning Largest platform for married women of Telangana

Are you the Mrs India Telangana that we are looking for?

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Your moment of Glory Awaits You

Mrs Timeless Beauty, Mrs India 2019 finalist, Winner of Mrs India Telangana 2019 in the Super Classic Category, and Winner of Mrs India 2019 in the Super-Classic category, Dr Shobha Devi Nakkana, is a renowned Diabetologist, Endocrinologist and General Physician with more than 20 years of experience in the UK and 13 years of practice in Hyderabad. An energetic grandmother, Dr. Nakkana travels around the world, delivering lectures and presenting papers at various International Conferences. A Presidents Awardee for her work in 'World Health Organisation' Projects for Tuberculosis, she has also been conferred with the “Wonder Women” award for her service to the society. A quintessential Modern Indian Woman with an old-world charm, the 62-year young Dr Shobha uses her passion, Dancing, as her stress buster.

Dr Shobha Devi Nakkana

Mrs Diva, Mrs India Telangana 2019 1st Runner up in the Mrs Category, Mrs India 2019 Fourth Runner up Winner in the Mrs Category, Mrs Preeti Harjas, a sensitive and socially conscious successful businesswoman and a fitness expert, has not only inspired married women to chase their dreams, but has also worked on promoting female hygiene among under-privileged girls. A perfect example of Beauty with Heart, Preeti is much more beyond her stunning looks, working to improve the health of people around her, particularly women who keep their family’s health before their own.

Mrs Preeti Harjas

Mrs Impressive, Mrs Graceful, Winner of Mrs India Telangana 2019 in the Mrs Category, Mrs Vandana Lahoti, who represented Telangana at the National Grand finale of Mrs India and won the Maggi Mrs India Culinary Queen 2019 and Mrs India Photogenic 2019 awards,is a true role model who works to spread joy and cheer among the elderly and the children, inspiring married women to balance family values with personal aspirations through discussions and consensus, motivating everyone in the society to build self- confidence and work hard. She supports various social causes and credits her success to the support of her joint family.

Mrs Vandana Lahoti

Mrs Awesome, “Mrs India 2019 Incredible”, Winner of Mrs India Telangana 2019 in the Classic Category and Mrs India 2019 finalist who won the “Mrs India 2019 Most Talented” award, Mrs Radhika Agarwal holds a master's in Garment Manufacturing Technology from NiFT and has completed a Women’s Entrepreneurship programme from ISB. Professional Fashion Designer, Compassionate Reiki healer, tarot reader, and a social activist associated with FICCI Flo and Utkarsh, Radhika’s zeal to keep learning new things and her connect with spirituality through meditation helps her to keep up with the times and strike a balance between her multiple roles, thereby enhancing her personality.

Radhika Agarwal

“Are you the Mrs India Telangana that we are looking for?”

Age no bar. Height, Weight, Colour or any other physical attributes are not a criteria. Language is no barrier. Every woman is beautiful and must feel beautiful. We are looking for A beautiful mind, a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. We make Role-models who can inspire other women.



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