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Meet Ranu Sharma, a powerhouse of determination and vitality. With a commerce background and a flourishing career as a private banker, she defies the boundaries of her profession to ignite a passion for fitness within herself and others. Ranu believes that when women prioritize their physical and mental well-being, they not only nurture healthier families but also lay the foundation for creating robust, thriving generations. After the birth of her child, she took charge of her own health, shedding an astounding 30 kilograms. Through her own triumphs and tribulations, Ranu has dedicated herself to raising awareness about fitness, enlightening countless women with her contagious enthusiasm. Ranu’s unwavering dedication to promoting fitness and well-being caught the attention of many, and she was featured in the prestigious online news platform Aajtak.

Ranu Sharma

Poonam Garg is a graduate who also holds a Baking and Confectionery certificate from Hamstech. A home maker who also doubles up as Baker, Poonam loves to cook and to bake cakes. A proud housewife and a loving mother, Poonam takes immense pride in all that she does for her family. Embracing her natural beauty, Poonam believes that beauty is more than just skin deep. It is about having the confidence to be yourself. Always willing to do something special and learn new things, Poonam enjoys Dancing, listening to music and making new friends. According to her, all of us have something beautiful that sets us apart and it is up to us to showcase it to the world. For this, she has chosen the platform of Mrs India Telangana.

Poonam Garg

Focussed and armed with a smile, Sravanthi Gadhiraju, driven by a relentless quest for knowledge and excellence, overcame challenges of a middle class background with her parents’ support and blessings, to realize her dream of becoming a doctor. A top laproscopic and robotic surgeon, she is now practicing as a Gynaec Oncologist. Positivity, being straight forward, strong communication and honesty are her strengths.  Dr Sravanthi has adopted 4 differently abled children 10 years back and is also running an old age home for the past 12 years. She regularly participates in various social activities and has attended more than 500 medical camps in rural and tribal areas. She is tirelessly working on promoting Gender equality, eliminating cervical cancer & providing shelter to HIV positive children.

Dr. Sravanthi Gadhiraju

An accomplished educationist who believes in constant learning, an inspiring, successful entrepreneur, a motivational leader and a role model for many women, Dr Vijaya Sarada Reddy, Vice Chairperson, AP School Education Regulatory and Monitoring Commission, Former chairperson of Confederation of women entrepreneurs, founder of a large group of Educational Institutions, is a double Guinness world record holder, and has won multiple awards at National and International level such as Woman of Excellence award, Pride of Asia International Award, Teachers Excellence Award, Business Excellence Award and several other awards. She has travelled to more than 30 countries. Dr Vijaya Sarada Reddy works with a clear vision, focus and commitment to bring a positive difference in the society.

Dr Vijaya Sarada Reddy

“Are you the Mrs India Telangana that we are looking for?”

Age no bar. Height, Weight, Colour or any other physical attributes are not a criteria. Language is no barrier. Every woman is beautiful and must feel beautiful. We are looking for A beautiful mind, a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. We make Role-models who can inspire other women.



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